Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Solo Exhibition: '5x5 : A Study in Pretty Architecture'

Born from a love of architecture and inspired by the beauty of colour, '5x5: A Study in Pretty Architecture' is my personal study of urban architecture from around the world. It  documents my illustrative journey through five towns, villages and cities from disparate regions across the globe and viewed through the five prisms of Culture, Pattern, Detail, Colour and Aesthetic. I'm utterly captivated by colourful buildings, quaint doorways and pretty windows so this project has passion at it's absolute core. 


The architecture of Old Town Warsaw in Poland is just utterly breathtaking. The colour palette, brick work and roofs remind me so much of the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. I watched that film as a child so often I pretty much knew every cadence of the script so it's no surprise I chose this exquisite market square as one of my final places. As with the research phase of this entire exhibition, in the comfort of my studio on the West Coast of Ireland, with my dog snoring at my feet, I was able to virtually walk the streets of Old Town Warsaw through Google Maps. Using a combination of a huge amount of screen grabs from various angles and directions, sketches of interesting architectural details that jumped out as I scrolled and cross-referencing a multitude of tourist board info, I was able to decide upon my final regions, create their mood boards and define their colour palettes. This research phase  spanned a number of weeks of collating and assimilating as much background information as possible, so that when it came to choosing my final locations, I already had a strong idea of how they would work on the page – from architectural detail to culturally authentic colour palettes.

 Print: 84.1cm x 29.7cm  /  Framed: 100cm x 45.7cm

 Print: 84.1cm x 29.7cm  /  Framed: 100cm x 45.7cm


As with the rest of this exhibition I really wanted the viewer who knew the region to recognise it and smile, appreciating my authentic illustrative tribute to a place I've never been to but would love to go to someday. To those that didn't know the region , I'd hope they could still experience the charm of the area in a piece that is also aesthetically pleasing. This is a collection that I will continue to lovingly add to throughout my career.