Coffee Cup Packaging

Client: The Little Cottage Café

A coffee cup packaging design for a gorgeous little café by the sea in the tourist gem hotspot of Rosses Point, Sligo, Ireland.

Having seen my work, the client contacted me looking for a cup design of the café illustration on a white background with contact/social media info either side of it. Seeing the incredible scope for travel and consequently, opportunity for marketing her coffee cup had, I suggested we broaden the design brief to include the local area and points of interest so as to create an emotional connection with the customer, especially tourists who visit every weekend and in summer. 

Although my client was very excited at the concept, a fully illustrated cup was a far cry from the Bristot cup being used to date and in her own words moving out of her comfort zone was a difficult position for her. I could see the potential in this project, so it was extremely important to communicate softly but effectively to assuage her doubts, reassure her in her decision and explain why it would benefit the business. Happy to say she was thrilled with the outcome, excited and proud to serve her customers from her fully illustrated coffee cups! Hooray!

Left: Old Bristot takeaway cup, Right: New Bristot takeaway cup

Left: Old Bristot takeaway cup, Right: New Bristot takeaway cup