Ribenary Characters

I was approached by Ocean Media to create three character concepts for the international drinks brand, Ribena, as part of their latest campaign. "Ribenary" was an quirky, fun animated online campaign specifically aimed at the 16-22yr old market. The project was to fall in line with the UK version which featured woodland creatures.

Concepts I chose were the Seagull as my 'hardman' inspired by recent reports of Sea Gulls robbing people's chips at Dublin pier so I blended a Sea Gull with a Dublin ruffian. The Red Squirrel is a species native to Ireland and I've always felt there was a very still madness to them, so chose to highlight it in this character. Lastly the urban Fox, again getting attention in the press for being a bit naughty, was my third choice, a female for balance, exuding a funky, youthful, foxy fresh vibe.