The Brief –​​​​​​​
Platform II is a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio specialising in commercial and residential projects. When I was approached to create their branding, first call was to understand the genesis of the brand name. ‘Platform 2’ as it was originally called, was born from the desire to elevate clients to the next level of living and style, in a considered and holistic manner.   
The Solution –
The strength of this couple-ran studio lay in the cohesive and complementary skill sets and personalities of architect Chris and interior designer Leticia. This yin-yang relationship was the foundation of the brand in my eyes and ultimately what fed the mark and identity.

Playing on the concept of two elements I replaced the ‘2’ with roman numeral typography. The opposing yet complementary nature of both directors and their respective services inspired a mark that represents them as two pillars, while angled points allude to the up-levelling ethos of the brand.
Heavy san serif type is contemporary and stable, while the addition of the strap line ‘Live Better’ solidifies the brand manifesto. Primary brand colour palette of Dark Teal and Watermelon give weight to the masculine energy of angled lines and blocks in architecture while the delicate cross patterning represents the feminine detailing that interior design will provide.
We played with communicating the brand through Watermelon for Leticia’s interior design clients. It was important to her that her Brazilian roots of colour, joy and expression were expressed in her communications, without being too flamboyant for the industry.  
The Result – 
This start-up architecture and design studio have a solid, foundational brand aesthetic that exudes experience, professionalism and can deliver great results, fostering a sense of trust in prospective clients. A brand aesthetic that sits comfortably amongst longer established competitors in a challenging market.