The Brief
Based on the success of the illustrated coffee cup I designed for The Little Cottage Café, I was engaged to translate that aesthetic into the brand communication, bringing a cohesive visual language to their social campaigns that not only aligned with their popular packaging, but also served to unify their brand identity to their audience.
The locality is a tourist hotspot, with people travelling across the country to visit every weekend. The Little Cottage Café is a brand built on homemade nourishing tasty food, that can be enjoyed in the most pristinely beautiful surroundings.
The Solution
Brand aesthetic was inspired by what life is all about, seemingly simple moments in time that actually nourish the soul, delicious organic food and stunning views all served up by a visit to The Little Cottage Café. 
Visual language captures the character and charm of this café by the sea that grows its own veg in its surrounding gardens. Keywords and themes of quality organic ingredients, nourishing artisan food, delicious treats, happy vibes in coastal surroundings with majestic views all melded together to inspire the resulting design.
Colour palette of soft blues and a patterning of gentle curves, reflect the lulling waves, still oceans while delicate dotted lines direct the eye and allude to the wafting aroma of gorgeous food cooking.
Typography, which was initially created for the coffee cup, was hand-drawn, chosen to reflect the authentically original, homegrown ethos of the brand, while also complementing the playful nature of the cup. This lettering further broadened as the brand language developed and copy grew.
Copy was developed from the initial “great food and tasty treats at the little cottage café” brand tone I created for the coffee cup. Playful language to match the light-hearted tone, and the happy vibes you get from a trip to this café, all whilst not being averse to a pun or two!