The Brief –
Sligo City Council (Ireland) approached me to brand a newly established family festival and design all print and digital collateral. They were eager to get support from local businesses and people as the success of this first year would secure sponsorship for the following year. The Tourist Board were a major sponsor and their logo and branding had to be incorporated into the branding.

The Solution –
Was inspired by the spirit of Sligo community, as it was integral to get people talking and excited, attending and spending. Illustrating the local businesses, galleries, museums, pubs & cafés, as well as the festival stage itself, created an emotional connection with people and a sense of excitement for festivities to come.
To avoid any visual discord with the Tourist Board, I used their brand colours as a colour palette starting point. Irish summer weather can be unpredictable, so I created blue skies & sun bursts to give the impression of a summery vibe, irrespective of actual weather. Festive bunting uniting the city and floating balloons create an atmosphere of fun, celebration and community support.
The Result – The festival was a huge success for both the community, the event organisers, it secured sponsorship for the following year and a wonderful event was had by all.