Hello! I'm Noelle.
As a creative storyteller I’ve written travel articles for Expedia about cities around the world, but as an artist I get to travel the globe through my art, which just like my words, always has passion at its core.
Romantic hues and soft linework soothe my nervous system, whereas I used to draw in minute detail for many years, recently I've been pulled to the simplicity of less is more, so current works explore the minimalism of shape and colour with referenced realism. 
I've spent many years client-facing, agency-side and in-house, while simultaneously selling art in my down time, because I just absolutely love creative expression. Recently however I've moved back to what gives me greatest pleasure, creating personal artworks and I'm excited to see where it takes me.
Thanks for cruising my creative streets! x 
hello@noellehealy.com  @noellehealyart