The Brief –
Ireland 2015. Illustrated coffee cups weren't prevalent in the country, let alone the little rural village my client was from. The original brief was for a plain white coffee cup with a small illustrated café in my personal style, flanked by the Bristot coffee logo and contact details either side.

Left: Old design                                       Right: New design

The Solution – 
Seeing the powerful scope for marketing a coffee cup had, I pitched the concept of a seamlessly looping, fully illustrated cup that would represent not just the client’s café, but the local landmarks and a cross-section of customers from the area. Initially my client was quite hesitant to move so drastically from not just the Bristot generic packaging, but also from what anyone was doing back in 2015, so it was integral to approach the pitch gently, explaining the huge marketing potential it had with visitors flooding this tourist hotspot.
Complementing the usability of a coffee cup I created a looped illustration of the café’s locality that bled seamlessly, so as customer turned the cup, the illustrative narrative would follow the promenade. ​​​​​​​

The Result – 
Once concept was finalised, to ensure a seamless loop, the illustration had to perfectly follow the packaging curved grid. Great communication with the printer ensured a perfect print run : ) Many years on my client still loves her bespoke illustrated coffee cup saying it’s a timeless hit with all her customers.