The Brief – ​​​​​​​
To design, build and drive kikki.K’s first wholesale product catalogue from concept through to print, liaising with relevant stakeholders throughout a previously unchartered process. To build the master template for the catalogue file, and a master image library for products. To represent range products to sell, despite majority of which not existing, as they were still in design/development phase.  
Challenge #1 – In product development phase, designers would create flat vector graphics to show upcoming range design. These graphics would then be used by Wholesale dept. to on-board partners, whilst referencing similar physical products in previous range designs. Alternatively we had a P1 or P2 sample from supplier, however it was never of shipment quality. Even if it was, negotiating time for Photography department to shoot the new product, and have the retoucher photoshop it, was a huge drain on resources.​​​​​​​
Solution #1  To negate not having the physical products to sell, I built a library of blank evergreen products, by taking old range photography, stripping data and overlaying upcoming range graphics to give a photo-realistic depiction of product. In some cases like the pens below, I created the product from scratch. 
Left: Original flat vector                       Centre: Blank Master Pen .psd                         Right: Different range graphics applied
Challenge #2  The catalogue had to be both an incredibly flexible design and also document set-up, as products could be added or dropped from a range, which would affect the entire catalogue composition. It also necessitated regional, financial and web variations for each of the 14 ranges on offer, as potential on-boarding partners were offered different options.
Solution #2  I designed the catalogue composition and InDesign file itself, to be as flexible as possible had to be incredibly dynamic and responsive to a vast array of potential permutations that could be requested at any time. 
The Result –
The system I created was a huge win, not just for the Wholesale dept. as it resulted in a better quality shot of the product, delivered in a fraction of the time, but for the kikki.K brand as a whole, giving them a more professional and cohesive aesthetic through their imagery, and elevating their brand communication to prospective partners from flat vectors and excel spreadsheets.
Wholesale Department’s comps rose a staggering 42% the month it was released and enabled the entire business to reach their July 2019 targets. Prior to releasing the catalogue they had been sitting at 21% most of the year. A mammoth result for a mammoth project!