Lifestyle Shots 
Retouching for esteemed Melbourne photographer Kristoffer Paulsen
Retouching for kikki.K
For products that didn't exist I had to create realistic versions of products that didn't exist. For more info on this work please see project "Kikki.K Product Catalogue"
Left: Old vector flat graphic                              Right: New product mock-up
I created a library of blank Print, Leather and Lifestyle products that could have any number of details applied through photoshop layers and overlays. I did this by taking previous range product photography, stripping range details (colour, graphics, hardware etc) with photoshop to bring to a neutral tone. Next I'd overlay upcoming range graphics as supplied by product designer, onto product giving a seamless representation of products yet to be produced.
Left: Vector Range Graphic                                            Centre: Photoshopped product*                                                       Right: Graphics overlaid​​​​​​​
Left: Previous product photograph                                   Centre: Photoshopped product                                     Right: New graphics overlaid