The Brief
I was approached to create three characters and an advert for the drinks brand, Ribena, for their Irish version of the JWT-created UK “Ribenary” campaign.
“Ribenary” was a complete brand and marketing reposition, from targeting Mums with a Vitamin C health message, to the authentic consumers of the product, the pre-family, young adult audience who bought it because it tasted great.
The Irish online social media campaign was to fall in line with the JWT-created UK version, whose concept centred on using animal characters to communicate the feeling you get when you drink Ribena, and showcasing a “Ribenary world”.
“You can’t get any more Ribenary” strapline celebrated the taste of Ribena, which their market research showed “can’t be described”.
Hero Characters
1. Red Squirrel – a species native to Ireland, I’ve always felt there was a very still madness to them, so chose to highlight it in this character. Hoarding blackcurrants, chasing that Ribena high, mad for berries. Fun fact: squirrels forget where approx 80% of their buried nuts are. #conceptresearchinfogem
2. Seagull – as my ‘hard man’ inspired by recent reports of Sea Gulls robbing people’s chips at Dublin pier so I blended a Sea Gull with a Dublin ruffian and replaced chips with Blackcurrants.
3. Urban Fox – a female for balance, exuding a funky, youthful, stylish vibe, a lady that just can’t get enough of that Ribena fragrance! 
Secondary Character
4. Ladybird – as inspired by product packaging, this ladybird always has her eyes on the prize, objective: getting to that sweet, sweet Ribena.

Social assets and static banners

Initial iterations
Variety of positions and keyframes