The Brief 
Communicate the usability of client's software platform for website translation and localisation to new and existing clients by rejuvenating their visual identity and refreshing communication.
Explain the simplicity, efficiency and trust-worthy professionalism of their software platform which blends the best of both AI technology and human proofing, the latter being a crucial aspect of localisation.
The infographic was specifically designed to break apart into spot hero graphics, to enhance points of note further throughout the site – saving client time and costs while extended the visual language beyond a solitary hero graphic.
The Solution – 
A scene that tells three stories in one:
1. The foolproof simplicity of the software, which diffuses any preemptive misbelief about client needing to collate and upload pages and pages of data.
2. The speed and efficiency of AI software as it reads your website content ensuring timely delivery and dependable accuracy.
3. The irreplaceable human element, as issues flagged are rerouted to our confident professional wearing brand colours, the expert human translator overseeing your project. Slight greying in hair, experienced and wise, in a casual stance to elicit confidence.
To blend the visual language of the microsite with the brand aesthetic, we redesigned the icons of the main site, in the brand colours bringing cohesion to how they communicate visually.
The Result 
A contemporary aesthetic that helps both communicate a complex service while also reinforcing the brand’s credibility within the Saas industry and a visual design system solution that emphasises the human aspect of the organisation.