Wye River
I shared my Mitchell House studio with the insanely talented photographer Kris Paulsen. Both he and his beautiful wife Kerstin asked me to create the invitations for their wedding, which was to be held at Wye River. I was incredibly touched to be asked, so I gave the brief everything I had – many late nights were spent in Mitchell House!
Being a blow-in I wasn't familiar with the area, so I researched like all my other pieces, through google maps street view and trawling tourist websites and IG accounts to get a good feel. Luckily Kris & Kerstin were delighted with the end result, and it was a from there a suggestion was made to sell it as a print. ​​​​​​​
Raw Tasmanian Oak hanging in Wye General Store.
Wye River is such a special place with so many stories of engagements, weddings, family picnics, weekends away. Love and joy are utterly infused into the bedrock of the land, so it's an honour to have my artwork in so many homes reminding them of all the beautiful memories they made in Wye River.
Available as a fine art print from my Shop